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The Estonian Patient Advocacy Association (EPAA)
is a non-profit NGO (reg.80071184), established in 1994, that’s primary aim is to advocate for the human and civil rights of health and social care service users. For past 14 years has EPAA advocated for the rights of 19 550 clients, carried out education work about patients’ rights for 20 500 different stakeholders, litigating test-cases about human rights, raising up number of systemic issues in different levels and influencing decision making in Estonian health and social care system to respect service users’ choices. 
EPAA mission
The mission of EPAA is to start changes in social and health care system which help people to feel safe and balance themselves spiritually, mentally and physically.
By 2013:
- people in Estonia are healthier, more balanced and content with the social and healthcare system
- EPAA has built an independent and strong network of patient organisations all over Estonia recognized and supported by the state
- healthcare service is patient-centred and holistic. Under patient-centred approach we mean considering patients' needs, polite coomportment and following all the other patients' rights
- social care services meet the needs of elderly and disabled people, support and boost their quality of life, there are enough services
- people without health insurance get necessary healthcare on equal grounds with others
- organisations of the consumers are more enpowered, influential, they are supported and recognized by public sector
- local legislation follows the principles of human rights and is in concert with international laws
- misunderstandings in social and healthcare system are settled in a friendly way independently and effectively and the information coming from complaints is used to improve  quality of the system
-  people can spend their last  moments of life with dignity and they are appreciated in old age.
EPAA's goals
1) to promote and protect the rights of health and care service users in contacts with service providers, financers and decision makers;
2) to stand up against discrimination, social seclusion, inequality, stigmatisation, unworthiness and improper deprivation of liberty, unnecessary isolation and segregation;
3) to develop and influence legislation, policies and social arrangement in promoting patients' rights, self-determination, community integration and support of individuals;
4) to advocate for law reforms and to trigger Estonian health and care system into changes, where respect for human rights would be considered;
5) to help raising the quality of Estonian health and care services;
6) to educate and motivate health and care service providers, financers and decision makers to follow norms set in human rights;
7) to raise awareness in society at large about the rights of health and care service users.


Estonian Patient Advocacy Association decided to join the manifesto drafted by Active Citizenship Network for the implementation of the Right of European Patients to make an informed choice,because the implementation of this principle, contained in the Di
The NGO Fund of EEA Grants project „Social Security is Human Right“ is aimed to help raising the sense of social security and to protect human rights of people with disabilities and long-term illnesses and their carers in Estonian society. Project
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